Lesley McClure
5th Jun 2002

St Kenneths, St Brides

Ok - so am I the only one from St Brides on this site??

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Russell Hamilton
3rd Jun 2002

Murray Primary, Duncanrig Secondary, Claremont High (1st year it opened)

Looking for: Anyone from those bygone days

Like to hear from any old 1st or 2nd year Duncanrig Rugby team players from about 1970. If my memory serves me right our coach was Mr Valentine. Also anyone else from around that era who knew me. BRING BACK THE BIG "O" lol

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Dave Lane
29th May 2002

I'm trying to find Dave Hamilton he used to be in the Prince of Wales band we would love to here from anyone who knows him or his whereabouts as we are going to Scotland soon and would to see him again. Dave and Shirley, Liverpool

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21st May 2002

Mossneuk and Duncanrig

Just messing around.. thought this might be some fun, find out what everyone is up to!

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Louella Jones (Magee)
18th May 2002

Washington HS, Carthersville MO

Looking for: Robert Lemon C, and Willie Smith

Would like to talk to them about their school reunion in July.

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17th May 2002

Mearnscastle High School

Hey people

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Connie Flannigan (now Royce)
30th Apr 2002

Ballerup High School

Looking for: Anyone who remembers me

Great idea this site. Is there anyone who I used to hang about with out there?

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Anne Burns (Davis)
28th Apr 2002

East Kilbride High

Looking for: Anyone that knew me

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Iain Milne
25th Apr 2002

Hunter Primary/High

Looking for: Kevin Ellis

Hi. Found this website after bumping into a few old school pals who were using the prison computer. ANYONE who would like to visit or write to me would be welcome as my release date is not until 2999+

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Margaret Singer nee Paterson
18th Apr 2002

St Louise, St Vincents and St Andrews

Looking for: Anyone who might remember me.

I am now living in Alberta Canada with my husband and 3 children. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me or my brothers Michael and George.

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