christine mclachlan
27th Oct 2017

halfmerk ps

Looking for: Elisabeth Macmillan Beatie

looking for an old friend..Am on facebook

Carol Anne Graham
19th Oct 2017

Murray Primary School

Looking for: Jane Sweeney

I was at The Murray Primary School in 1958-1959. Mrs. Armstrong was our teacher (now deceased). Jane and myself were in the same class. She had lovely black wavy hair. My father was a police officer at East Kilbride and in 1960 we moved to Ringside, South Lanarkshire.

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stan watson
12th Aug 2017

Halfmerke,EK high,Hunter High

Looking for: Kim Greene

Looking for any information on Kim Greene of Westmains who went to Duncanrig High

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Myra Fleming
1st Aug 2017

Maxwellton and Hunter High

Looking for: Anyone who remembers me

Linda Wilson who lived in Brancumhall. Eleanor would love to make contact with Linda.

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janet steven nee muirhead
6th Jul 2017

murray primary and claremont high

Looking for: looking for anyone who knew me,be nice to catch up with everyone

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S Newlands
27th Jun 2017

St brides High

Looking for: time from 19 71 to 1976

How is everyone were did you all end up. I remember Christine Tweedle Syro Wallace Mary Doherty who all stayed in the village at the time. I would love to hear from you all and anyone else who remembers me

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L Burns
27th Jun 2017

St brides primary St kenneths primary St brides High

Looking for: jean lennon Janice Deacon Theresa Goundry Jackie Ferrie Mary Doherty Linda Dowd Julie Egan

All school mates from 1965 through to 1977 had fun times with all. Others are Eileen Boyce, Jackie Dowd , Rita Moscardini, Cecila ? Louise Doyle Anne Marie Donnelly Brenda Welsh Eileen Kenny Margaret Welsh any many others , what became of everyone and howwidespread is everyone surely everyone moved on would be god to hear

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