S Newlands
27th Jun 2017

St brides High

Looking for: time from 19 71 to 1976

How is everyone were did you all end up. I remember Christine Tweedle Syro Wallace Mary Doherty who all stayed in the village at the time. I would love to hear from you all and anyone else who remembers me

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L Burns
27th Jun 2017

St brides primary St kenneths primary St brides High

Looking for: jean lennon Janice Deacon Theresa Goundry Jackie Ferrie Mary Doherty Linda Dowd Julie Egan

All school mates from 1965 through to 1977 had fun times with all. Others are Eileen Boyce, Jackie Dowd , Rita Moscardini, Cecila ? Louise Doyle Anne Marie Donnelly Brenda Welsh Eileen Kenny Margaret Welsh any many others , what became of everyone and howwidespread is everyone surely everyone moved on would be god to hear

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Chas McInnes
26th Jun 2017

Blacklaw Primary/Claremount High

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William Aitken
19th May 2017

Our Lady ofLourdes St Brides

Looking for: Anyone

O L of L 1961 to 1964 St Brides 1964 to 1966

Joyce Marshall
17th May 2017

Murray Primary

Looking for: Delia Marshall

Looking for my cousin Delia (DOB about 1948), or her brother David Marshall - would love any information, Thanks!

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Wee me
14th May 2017

St Brides east kilbride

Looking for: Pauline and Brenda donaldson eileen boyce jackie dowdy Julie egan anne marie donnelly zuzanna fekete

I left 1977 and left EK mum is still there and when I visit I wonder what everyone is up too. I was in Carfin House and mind nothing about school just Sunday night dances roller skating at the key and in general hanging about . Is everyone still In EK or have you spread your wings

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11th May 2017

St Brides

Looking for: anyone who left in 1976

where are you know and what you up to

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Ian Armstrong
4th May 2017

Kilmarnock Academy

Looking for: Lynne Rossi

Looking for Lynne Rossi that used to go to southerners holiday village many years ago.

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Henry Paterson
16th Apr 2017

Strathaven Academy

Looking for: Any One

I finished School in December 1950 and looking for any one who was in my class that finished in 1951

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Christine Atherton
16th Apr 2017

east Milton Duncanrig

Looking for: Alison Kinnaird Grace Buchanan

Hi guys live in canada now be nice to touch base

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