About ekschoolfriends.co.uk

After starting my own business in 2000, I decided I needed a website. It wasn't as simple as it is today. I had to start from scratch, learning html and php coding.

Friends Reunited was 18 months old and becoming popular, so what better way to test my new skills than creating a database driven website for East Kilbride. I now run 6 websites, focussed around my business and hobbies.

This one, however, had escaped my attention for a good while. Facebook and the likes pretty much doing the job anyway. But I was pleasantly surprised to see people were still making use of ekschoolfriends.co.uk, so I decided on a new look and responsive design. There is still a lot to do now in the way of improvements, and that will happen as and when I have the time.

I found this article from the EK Mail, so you can see how the first version looked. I had visited a number of schools in the area to take photos and they decorate either side. I wish I still had them as most of them have been rebuilt.